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This cabinet is suitable for filter system and 3 kW electric heater. The cabinet is produced of spruce/pine or thermo-wood and is delivered in a package (in parts)...
  237.00 €
The filter system can be installed to a specific cabinet built for this purpose. You can order the filter system cabinet of wood, thermo-wood or composite (read more about the materials by clicking on the links). You can order the cabinet either insulated or without insulation. If you are going to u..
  447.00 €
If necessary, you can close the ducts in the hot tub with duct plugs. You can empty the heater (there is a plug for that in the front part of the heater) after the ducts have been closed. That way you will not have to empty the hot tub but will be able to protect the heater from freezing. Use 50 mm ..
  26.00 €
Filter balls substitute sand in the filter and they are more easy to use. Instead of 25 kg sand you only have to insert one bag of light (350 g) filter balls to the system. When using sand, some of it can get inside the hot tub. You do not have to deal with this if you use filter balls...
  48.00 €
Filter element is suitable for internal filter for the hot tub. It is possible to wash the element a couple of times, but you also have to replace them sometimes (usually 2–3 pcs. per season)...
  20.00 €
It is possible to use the same water for a longer period if a filter system is installed to the tub. We also offer a cabinet for filter system which protects the system against cold on winter. It is possible to install an electric heater (3 or 6 kW) to the same circulation with the filter syste..
  299.00 €
This stainless steel flange is suitable for connecting the heater or the filter system with the hot tub. The set includes screws...
  10.00 €
This is a very simple filter system, which is suitable for use in almost all hot tubs and smaller pools. The filter is simply hung over the edge of the tub to the inside of the hot tub. The filtration intervals should be 1–8 hours a day, depending on the water quantity and quality. Filtration capaci..
  181.00 €
Protective grid for filter system for catching debris and different objects (i.e toys) before they end up in the filter...
  10.00 €
The tap is suitable for 38 mm hose of the filter system. If it is installed, one must not empty the hot tub for maintenance work...
  20.00 €
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