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Installation of a hot tub

Here is a quick guide on how to install a hot tub. Even though we have a few lines in the user manual on how to install a hot tub, many customers still ask: “What should I put under it?” or “Do I have to put something under it too?”

The first thing to do is to choose a suitable location for the hot tub that complies with fire safety regulations. This is explained in more detail in the user manual on page 12. The best solution for installing a hot tub is a slab made of concrete or paving stones. Between the impregnated timber beams under the hot tub and the stone base, we recommend using a foundation belt (bitumen) to prevent moisture from penetrating into the structure of the hot tub. This solution prevents the hot tub from sinking and weeds from growing under the hot tub and it ensures proper ventilation. A slightly simpler option is to install the hot tub on building blocks or a frame made of impregnated timber. In the latter case, if possible, geotextile should be installed to prevent weeds from growing under the hot tub. If you buy a hot tub in winter and you cannot lay paving stones or pour a concrete base in the snow, you can temporarily put some beams under the hot tub. This solution is only suitable for temporary use. For an a offer for a concrete slab to be installed under the hot tub please contact our sales representative. The prefabricated slab is lifted by a crane to a suitable place and the hot tub can be placed on it immediately. If the ground is dry, level and hard, such an installation takes about 1 hour. If there is a need to excavate soil and backfill, the working time will depend on each individual case.