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Wood-heated set

Wood-heated hot tubs

A wood-heated hot tub is the most authentic hot tub, says the old folk wisdom of Tõstamaa. 

If you are a true fan of the Finnish sauna but have not tried a hot tub, we definitely recommend it. No, this does not mean you have to replace your Finnish sauna with a hot tub. On the contrary, you cannot imagine how well the two complement each other! 

What could be a better idea for a social get-together than one sauna instead of two! Those who wish can enjoy the Finnish sauna; others can have a good time in the hot tub. Sounds like a good recipe for a party, doesn’t it? 

Wood-heated hot tubs are the most common type of hot tub. Even if you are used to living in a home with central heating, a wood-heated hot tub is something that a sauna-fan can always handle. You must only have sufficiently dry firewood and that’s it. At the same time, hot water is not obligatory at all. On hot summer days or after a sauna, it is especially nice to flop into a cool hot tub instead.

Our product range includes hot tubs made of fibreglass and acrylic, which are suitable for two to ten people. In the case of fibreglass hot tubs, you can choose from five colours; for acrylic hot tubs, we offer two colour choices – silver (sterling silver) and dark grey (pearl shadow). 

All sets of wood-heated hot tubs include the inner element of the hot tub, an external heater with accessories (2-metre chimney, bushings, hoses, clips), a trap, a base frame and oil-treated wood.

All you have to do is choose a suitable place and stock up on firewood – as the name suggests, you heat the heater like you do a sauna! 

In addition to ready-to-use sets, we offer a wide range of accessories, making it especially cool to take care of and enjoy the hot tub. Be sure to order a cover for your hot tub to keep the water free from debris. Headrests and drinks trays will be absolute favourites among your guests. But don’t forget the filter system and cleaning products.

  • 800L Heated set

    800L Heated set

  • 1000L Heated set

    1000L Heated set

  • 1100L Heated set

    1100L Heated set

  • 1200L Heated set

    1200L Heated set

  • 1500L Heated set

    1500L Heated set

    1500L Heated set
  • 1600L Heated set

    1600L Heated set

  • 1650L Heated set

    1650L Heated set

  • 1700L Heated set

    1700L Heated set

  • 2300L Heated set

    2300L Heated set

  • 1800L Heated set

    1800L Heated set