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Fibreglass inner elements of hot tubs

Are you a skilled craftsman with itchy fingers or do you know a skilled craftsman sitting in a rocking chair waiting for new challenges? Then we have just the offer for you! Choose a fibreglass inner element for a hot tub and build everything from scratch yourself or combine it with the accessories that meet your vision exactly. 

Here you will find fibreglass inner elements for DIY builders, as we love to call craftsmen. There is something for all tastes and plenty of hot tub sizes – inner elements of hot tubs vary from 800 to 2300 litres. If you don’t know how much 800 litres is, here is a tip for you. The 800-litre hot tub is designed for two people, the 1500-litre hot tub for up to six people and the 2300-litre hot tub for as many as ten people. 

Perhaps you like round hot tubs? Or maybe you prefer an oval or octagonal hot tub? It doesn’t matter, as in addition to the different volumes, our range includes a variety of shapes for the inner elements of hot tubs. But can I choose the colour? Yes, sure. We have five colours available. As always, something for all tastes.

Among our wide range of accessories, you will find everything you need for successful hot tub installation and inauguration. If you don’t want to do everything from scratch yourself, we have plenty of accessories, such as frames, lighting fixtures, bubble systems, polyurethane insulation, filter systems and parts, hot tub covers with or without insulation and many more. You can also find much more among the accessories – headrests, drinks trays, thermometers, cleaning agents, etc. – to make enjoying the hot tub cool and maintenance-free.

  • 800L Build-it-yourself

    800L Build-it-yourself

  • 1000L Build-it-yourself

    1000L Build-it-yourself

  • 1100L Build-it-yourself

    1100L Build-it-yourself

  • 1200L Build-it-yourself

    1200L Build-it-yourself

  • 1500L Build-it-yourself

    1500L Build-it-yourself

  • 1600L Build-it-yourself

    1600L Build-it-yourself

  • 1650L Build-it-yourself

    1650L Build-it-yourself

  • 1700L Build-it-yourself

    1700L Build-it-yourself

  • 2300L Build-it-yourself

    2300L Build-it-yourself

  • 1800 L Build-it-yourself

    1800 L Build-it-yourself