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What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a fiber reinforced polyester (Glass Reinforced Polyester - GRP) made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibers of glass.
The mold is filled with fiberglass mats which are then covered with special purpose resin. The mix hardens either naturally or is set to furnace for faster results.

Advantages of fiberglass over other materials

  • The mold side has esthetically pleasant high gloss finishing that doesn’t need any paint finish.
  • Totally corrosion resistant and maintenance free fiberglass is extremely cost-efficient in case of long-term use.
  • Compared to pressure molding or cold working, processing costs are low.
  • Finishing includes different textures and a wide selection of colors.
  • Broken products can be fixed.
  • Fiberglass products have good chemical resistance.
  • Fiberglass has good electrical properties which makes it an excellent insulator.
  • GRP products are also good thermal insulators.
  • Mass production lowers prices which, compared to other options, are very competitive.
  • Fiberglass is versatile.
Advantages of fiberglass compared to galvanized steel

  • Corrosion resistance does not depend on the quality of zinc coating.
  • No threat of harming the corrosion resistant surface.
Mechanical strength

Special strength 2–4 times higher than the one of any other material, contributes to weight reduction.
Depending on purpose of use, the composition (for example, 70% fiberglass, 30% resin) of fiberglass allows to reduce weight while maintaining the same level of strength, by:
60% compared to stainless steel;
65% compared to aluminum;
75% compared to zinc plated steel.

Installation and compiling

Fiberglass products are easy to install and compile:

  • no need for grounding;
  • no need to test electrical conductivity;
  • easy to process (cut, drill) on site;
  • defects caused during installation are usually easy to fix.

Thermal and electrical insulation

  • Wonderful thermal insulation (heat conductivity is 1000 times lower than the one of aluminum).
  • No fire threat in case of exposure to other materials.
  • Great electrical insulation ( ~ 6 kV/mm).

Our range of fiberglass products

  • During 40 years of operation we have manufactured a wide range of fiberglass products.
  • We have filled both single and multiple 1000 item orders.
  • The heaviest products have weighed more than 1000 kg.
  • The longest products have had the length of 12 000 mm.
  • We have also created complex molds and shapes.