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Dutrion cleaning tablets for hot tubs

Dutrion cleaning tablets for hot tubs
Dutrion cleaning tablets for hot tubs
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108.00 €


Dutrion is an efficient disinfectant that has been widely accepted in many countries and has the best new-generation disinfection properties. Duka Production offers innovative disinfection technology in the form of fast-dissolving Dutrion tablets, which can be used to quickly prepare 0.2–0.4% aqueous solutions of chlorine dioxide. This technology completely replaces many previously used methods and means for cleaning swimming pools and hot tubs. Dutrion chlorine dioxide gives excellent cleaning results that meet the requirements for the use of hot tubs (swimming pools) and for the safety of users!

Using Dutrion chlorine dioxide to disinfect your hot tub will prevent many of the unintended consequences resulting from using classic disinfectants.

No additional anti-algae agent is required.
Effective over a wide pH range of 4–10.

Chlorine dioxide must not be confused with chlorine-containing disinfectants. These are different and independent things! Dutrion does not contain any free chlorine!


We recommend using 1–2 grams of Dutrion tablets for every 100 litres of water. The tablet can be placed directly in a hot tub without a dispenser (skimmer). If there is a filter system, be sure to run it until the tablet is dissolved in water.

The table below shows the quantities in grams for our hot tubs.

Koriks 1000 L, 1100 L, 1200 L: 0,5–1 tablet (20 g) once a week

Koriks 1400 L, 1500 L, 1600 L, 1650 L, 1700 L, 1800 L: 1 tablet (20 g) once a week

Koriks 2300 L: 1–1,5 tablets (20 g) once a week

The frequency of adding tablets depends on the water temperature, the use load of the hot tub, the presence of a cover, etc., but on average, they should be added once a week.

240 g package contains 12 pcs. 20 g tablets

1000 g package contains 1000 pcs. 1 g tablets (suitable dosing should be calculated using the table above)