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About us

Koriks-Fiiber has been manufacturing fibreglass products since 1976 and fibreglass hot tubs since 2008. The company has continuously expanded ever since and it now has 10 times more employees comparing to 2008. Due to its rapid progress Koriks-Fiiber has been noted with a fast growth reward called Gasell in 2014 and 2016. We are currently one of the largest manufacturers of hot tubs in the Nordic countries with substantially wide range of models.

As a result of continuous product development and the design of new models, our product range consists of 11 fibreglass, one polyethylene and one acrylic hot tub model. This is definitely one of the largest model selections in Europe. At the moment there is only one model in the selection of acrylic hot tubs, but we are definitely interested in developing this trend in the near future. In addition to our models, we subcontract various models of hot tubs for several well-known hot tub sellers in the Nordic countries. We are constantly working on product development and design. We use only the best quality materials in production, and that is why the hot tubs have a long life and maintain a good appearance for many years.

We manufacture hot tubs according to the desires and needs of our customers, but in addition to ready-to-use hot tubs, it is also possible to order components separately. Our product range includes a wide selection of accessories that make the use of the hot tub easier and more convenient. Modern hot tubs with all their accessories are increasingly beginning to offer the same kind of convenience as twice as expensive outdoor spa baths do.

Our main customers are both dealers and private clients in several European countries, with 70% of our products being exported to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, France, and Germany. Thanks to our good cooperation partners in logistics, we can provide transportation across Europe with reasonable prices.

High-quality products and good customer service (including after-sales service) are very important values that guide us in our daily work. Our goal is to offer the highest quality possible and always find the perfect solution for each customer. A hot tub is certainly not just a product, but rather something more – it allows users to get real pleasure from bathing and increases the value of their real estate.

Koriks-Fiiber creates quality and emotions!